Spotcommunications Unified
Communications are set of
new generation solution of
applications and devices that
enables users to control and
manage our networks, data
processing, phone calls, text
messages, videoservailance,
exchange of data and
software resources from
different locations using
different devices and
software interfaces. Provide
synchronous operation of all
applications and software
tools and optimize business
communications, thereby
increasing productivity and
the quality of relationships
between employees,
customers and owners of
the company. GDPR impact
assessment. Data Protection
Officer (DPO) as a Service

Network Infrastructure
The world goes Broadband. Spotcommunications
builds the foundation of connectivity. We design,
legalize, deploy, and maintain networks. We are
specialized in delivering optimized solutions for turn –
key deployment of telecom networks.
System Integration
As we aim to be the preferred System Integration
Partner with the largest number of highly qualified
engineers in the region, we not only provide turn-key
system integration services that ensures high-speed,
secure, and reliable solutions. We go even further by
consulting, designing, and implementing the optimal
project for our clients and then being there for them
in the long run.
IP communication systems
In this area we offer applications and the terminal
equipment without being tied to a specific
manufacturer. We have proven knowledge and
experience gained in the implementation of projects
for almost all major companies and institutions in the
region. Depending on the actual needs of customers,
we create specific solutions which price and quality
match customers’ requirements.

Responsible for Presales
department organization and task management. Forming partnership agreements with vendors and subcontractors– providers and technology experts. Product and Process Development. Project Management at Presales phase for complex projects;
Organization and coordination of all activities related to planning, designing, implementation and
support of LAN, Wi-Fi, MAN and WAN infrastructures. Control over the execution of the activities regarding IS JSC, ICT customer contracts. Project Planning, Task management.
Configuration and installation of communication security
equipment, wireless, routers and switches. Audit of network infrastructures. Development of solution proposals and detailed
technical documentations.

Spotcomm Ltd. conduct an active wireless survey of
new/current Wireless Infrastructure in Production and
build detailed report for the discovered network
condition. The Wireless Site Survey will cover all required
areas in the facilities in interest, where good wireless
coverage is expected. The survey activities will be
performed on – premise with the leading Ekahau ESS
equipment and software and will accent on several
wireless infrastructure parameters: coverage areas, access
point placement, measured signal strength,
interference/noise impact and spectrum utilization. The
collected information will be analyzed and included in a
Site Survey Report document.
Data Security. Helps protect data in rest and in motion
and prevents information leakages.
Infrastructure Security. Covers a broad spectrum of solutions against Advanced Persistent Threats and DDoS attacks, provides protection and management of endpoint
static or mobile devices, and protects corporate services
like E -mail, Web applications and collaboration initiatives.
Application Security. Provides preemptive protection
to enhance mobile and web application security, protects
applications from malicious use and harden them against
future failure.
Audit of Information Systems
Activities related to the audit of the systems include
Analysis of the established practices and procedures for
servicing; Review of maintenance records – available
documentation, statistics, traceability; Check the current
vulnerability and degree of susceptibility to external
threats by launching specialized software; Risk Assessment;
Prepare a list of policies, procedures and instructions to
improve security

Develop sales strategies for
the region: Bulgaria,
Macedonia, Albania &
Kosovo. Negotiations and
contracting; Hold technical trainings for
partners; Chief department
“Intelligent facilities”;
Pre-sales activities,
negotiations, offering and
contracting; Project management for key
projects; Develop and implement of technical documentation and
procedures (quality control,
functional tests & acceptance)
Design and installation of
structure cabling systems;
PBXs installation &
commissioning Gigabit Passive Optical Networks (GPON) for FTTH Fiber to the Building (FTTB) Ethernet access networks LAN/MAN/WAN networks
SDH/backbone networks FO networks FO for datacenters & in-building applications

Security & Automation
We provide a range of solutions that enhance security,
increase automation, and improve the efficiency. Each
system we design is individually tailored to reduce
operational costs and to increase the staff productivity
through improved efficiency due to the optimized
Target coverage area investigation
Site survey and reporting
Site outline design
Site owner documents collection and review
Site External Power Supplies(EPS):
EPS advanced study & design
Real estate rights (easements)
Permitting & legalization
Negotiations & contracting
Site detailed design
Architectural design
Structural design, calculations & statement
Technological design
Electrical, HVAC, fire alarm & safety designs
Geodesy & geology tracing and design
Certified technical control approval
Permitting & Legalization:
Environmental assessment
Fire Department application and approval
Health authority’s application and approval (EM radiation)
Preliminary electrical contract
Municipality approval & issuing building permission;
Real estate rights (easements)
EMF measurements
Obtaining of site permission for usage