Spot Communications Ltd. is committed to provide Design, delivery, installation, implementation, integration, testing, commissioning of telecommunication networks for data, voice and video transfer systems; Consultancy, analysis, expertise and total engineering of security systems; Build digital platform for data infrastructure, LAN and Wi-Fi networks; Create reliable security strategy and managing information security for mitigate risk, prevent, detect and respond to cyberattacks; Personal data protection consultancy services” that fulfill customer-specified requirements and operate within an Quality Management System that conforms to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015.

Spot Communications Ltd. strategy is based on the main quality principles and aims to provide optimal efficiency of the services through maintenance of high quality and satisfy customer requirements, needs and expectation.

Quality objectives

Spot Communications Ltd. set the following quality objectives:


  • To guarantee the quality of provided services to a level which covered customer requirements and ensure their satisfaction;


  • To implement standard requirements and the specific requirements related to the quality of provided services;
  • To provide high level differentiation services compared with offered at the national and international markets;
  • To provide and implement services in accordance with the national and international legislation;


  • To provide high qualified and motivated personnel, appropriate training of the personnel for increasing their qualification, knowledge and skills;


  • To study and report the market possibilities and perspectives for company development in quality planning, considering the leaders in the field.

Increasing the competitiveness:

  • To hold the existing market positions and to seize new ones through constantly quality improvement in provided services.

The Spot Communications Ltd. CEO is ultimately responsible for the effective elaboration, development, implementation and maintenance of the Quality Management System to all management and operational levels as well as the periodic review for adequacy of quality policy.

The realization of the quality policy obliges every employee of the company personally to contribute for achieving the quality goal


General Manager/ CEO,
Georgi Lyaskov